Sci-Fi Space Shenanigans

Prep for launch

"Is it filled with sex toys?! :D"

Undaunted by the massive repairs necessary on their newly acquired ship, Marko foster and his friend Keyan Dusat, Find themselves staring at a Draconic-Human named Mikhail Serran.
Mikhail, having answered their ad in the local Holo-news (change that accordingly), Is selling himself as a pilot in order to blast off of the rock that is Knossos Alpha.

Surprisingly, in the midst of negotiations, a Cloaked figure emerges from the crowd in The Landing Pad Dockside Taverna, and attacks Mikhail with its sharp claws. After a brief encounter the figure reveals herself to be Mikhails abandoned wife Labinnak Serran, a Feline-Human.

Marko and Keyan, are eventually convinced by the Smooth-talking Lizard to Hire him and his furry wife, and soon the group set out to Pier 42 (again correct if wrong) Where the ship is undergoing final repairs. Concern for a strange puddle formed under the ship, the group confronts the repair foreman only to find that, the yellow puddle is harmless enough, although it’s not supposed to be there.

Doing some investigating, both inside and outside the ship, the group finds a smugglers compartment just off the main living area of the ship, inside is a tipped over barrell of industrial lubracant (futuristic WD-40 or whatever) and a smugglers box.

Landing Pad Dockside Taverna




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