Sci-Fi Space Shenanigans

Welcome to the campaign!

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This is the campaign blog/wiki creation. Here’s how to go about things

Check out the front page

The front page has some nice introduction and looks pretty neat. It should give some useful information and also serve as a good looking cover page for the campaign in general. Specific information is in the wiki.

Make an account so I can invite you to add yourselves as players

Otherwise you’re just lurkers whose character sheets I can’t look at

Look at the wiki

This is the important part. It is where all the various information about the campaign is listed. Everything from minutae to errata can be found here.

Look at your character page

Put up a sheet, stay a while. You can even upload a snazzy picture of your character (if you have one) so that everyone can see what a badass they really are for themselves rather than relying on an ever-changing description accompanied by frantic erasing.

View the adventure log

Do mighty deeds worthy of song and the skalds will sing of them for ages. For things in more colloquial terms, check out the “captain’s log” for a nice little record of your crazy space capers. If I am ever slow to write these entries you people are welcome to do so as well.



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