U.M.S. Nova Caster

An old hunk of junk you could barely afford. Hopefully she's spaceworthy...


Ship’s Manifest

Registration Information

Vessel Name: U.M.S. Nova Caster

Callsign/Tail Number: JRKM41226

Designation: Procyon Class Brigantine

Type: Ultralight Size: Colossal

Subtype: Fast Freighter Crew: 4

Length: 33.5m (110 feet) Mass/Weight: 408233kg (450 Tons)
Tactical Speed: 3500 feet (7 sq.)

Hardness: 20 Hit Dice/Hit Points: 16d20 (320hp)

Defense (Armor Class): 7 Flat-Footed: 5 Autopilot: 5

Crew Detail

Gunner (Attack Bonus): +2

Pilot (Dex): +3

Pilot Class Bonus: +2

Targeting System Bonus: +3

Initiative: +2

Grapple: +16

Grapple Defense: 28

Armaments and Registered Systems:

Weapon: 2x Fire-Linked Laser Damage: 6d8 Crit.: x2
Range: 3000 feet Bonus: -3 Type: Fire
Rate of Fire: Single Restriction: Restricted

Weapon: 2x Fire-Linked Rail Cannon Damage: 6d12 Crit.: x2
Range: 3000 feet Bonus: -8 Type: Ballistic
Rate of Fire: Single Restriction: Licensed


Engines: Ion Engine, Thrusters

Armor: Polymeric

Defense Systems: Autopilot, Damage Control System (1d10), Magnetic Field, Radiation Shielding, Sensor Jammer

Sensors: Class II Sensor Array, Targeting System

Communications: Laser Transceiver, Radio Transceiver

Grapplong Systems: Grapplers

Cargo and Crew Ledger:

Passenger Capacity: 4


Cargo Capacity: 300 Tons




This old wreck recently surfaced near the back of the -junk-ship yard on Telos Prime. Despite the fact that she would have been an antique to your grandparents she does have the major selling point of being all that you can (barely) afford even with the small fortune you’ve come into with recent untimely death of George Trevelyan Perez, the man who up until now was your sole benefactor. Still, investing in a ship if the best way to preserve his legacy isn’t it? It’s certainly the only way to preserve what you’ve been calling a business for the past year or so.


The ship herself is a true relic, having apparently celebrated her sesquicentennial sometime around the same time that you were starting off in your attempt to become legitimate businessfolk. In fact, it’s a surprise that nobody made an offer twice yours to put her in a museum. Even in this condition a ship that has seen the better part of two centuries should have sold for way more than a mere 2 mil. This ludicrously low price point almost certainly means that she was stolen and that the warehouse that “found her” about a week ago had probably known of her existence for quite some time as they waited for the heat to die down as the original owners lost interest. That being said, even while no longer hot, the hull of a ship alone is not sufficient and now that you’ve sunk another million and a half into some lukewarm weapons and tepid contracts you are now the proud owners of this bucket of bolts and all the systems necessary to make her fly again. Not to worry, most of the important systems like life support aren’t quite as old as the ship herself… Regardless of the events that transpired to bring you here, you cannot help but feel like fate has help out a kind and helping hand, even if it looks an awful lot like something that fell off the conveyor belt on its way to the compactor. Given that a single beer and a decent meal followed by a night of sleep in a bed are now luxury items as far as you’re concerned, there truly is no turning back now. Armed with determination and maybe just a touch of stupidity, this clunker might just be your way to turn pocket change into big bucks…provided you don’t just explode upon exiting the atmosphere. Thus your adventure begins…as soon as the crews are done fixing her up…

U.M.S. Nova Caster

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