Mikhail Serran

I jussst wanted to sssteal the damn sssprocket!


Age: 28.
Weight: 112 lbs.
Height: 4 ft, 7 in.
Race: Draconic Human.
Scale Color: Green.

Occupation: Transporter (pilot, knowledge(streetwise))

Lv 3 Dogfighter



Str: 5 (-3)
Dex: 20 (5)
Con: 4 (-3)
Int: 14 (
Wis: 13 (2)
Char: 16 (

Racial Traits
Scales: +1 armor bonus
Dark Vision: 60 feet of perfect vision in pitch blackness
Wyrmcrowned: Intimidate becomes a class skill and you gain +2 to all intimidate checks
Prehensile Tail: +2 to acrobatics and climb checks, and your tail can be used to draw hidden weapons as a move action
-Light sensitivity: -1 to attack rolls and sight based perception checks in bright sunlight

Draconic Aspect: +5 acid resist
Draconic Breath: +2 against sleep or paralyze effects. Once per day you may use a breath attack as a standard action, and provoke no attacks of opportunity. Enemies who succeed in a reflex save against your attack take half damage.
-15 ft cone of acid dealing 2D6 acid damage
Personal Firearms Proficiency: No penalty for using any personal firearm.
Spacer: +2 to computer use (when aboard space craft), navigate, and pilot checks.

Defender of the Universe: Add your reputation bonus to die result when you spend action points to modify any roll made aboard a star ship.
Star ship Gunnery: Take no penalty when firing a star ship weapon.
Star ship Operation (light and Ultralight): No penalty to piloting a star ship.

Skills (* indicates a class skill)
Sense Motive-2
Slight of hand-3


Mikhail Serran….where does one even begin to talk about this man. He’s an exceptional pilot, if you can put up with the swearing, smoking, drinking, and shed scales everywhere that is.

As a young adult Mikhail had made a name for himself and two friends as a stunt pilot team, his light frame and quick reflexes made it the perfect job for him. With a childhood friend as his wingman, and Labinnak working as their personal mechanic, they were an unstoppable team. No one flew faster or turned tighter, no one dived more accurately or made closer passes with their wing men. But that was their downfall. A low atmosphere show went wrong when a routine was jostled and Mikhail and his partner clipped each other in midair. The resulting crash was 2 wrecked shuttles and one dead pilot.

After the death of his wingman Mikhail gave up stunt flying, but took a job running shuttles and shipping freighters to make ends meet. He didn’t want to fly, but it was all he knew. A year or two after the accident him and Labinnak got married but even the realized romance did little to snap him out of the depression he had been left in.

As debts began to settle in, Mikhail was lost for what to do, but quickly turned to smuggling illicit goods and unlicensed people on board his shipping routes to try and stave off financial ruin for him and his wife. Unfortunately he was caught, and unfortunately he ran. Grabbing what little he could carry from his house before the authorities arrived he made it to where the patched up junker that was his stunt shuttle was stored away, and took off. The speedy ship, even in its junked state was just enough to get him away from the stretch in the jar waiting for him.

Wandering and aimless, he put his new status as an outlaw to use and began to profit off of other peoples misery. Theft in the night, muggings in the cities, cheating others at cards, even going so far as to start staging hold ups on transport shuttles after bolting some weaponry to his own shuttle. Mikhail always seems to have a gun on him, no matter how well you try to search him, a weapon just sort of…shows up. A smooth talker and an intriguing card due to his appearance, he can get out of most anything without even having to resort to his plethora of pistols, but if you corner him, know that there’s more than just a gun waiting in store for you.

He used to spend most of his days simply getting drunk as skunk and stealing honest mens earnings to fund his drinking, but he was recently hired by an interesting pair, Keyan and Marco. He doesn’t think too much of the pair, one is an airhead and the other just….weird. But he stuck with the pair because of the unlikely appearance of Labinnak, and this was a bit more respectable than wallowing in whiskey in front of his wife. It also brings some….opportunity for the the scaly sneak thief… who knows what troubles Mikhail could get into now hes boarded a starship and gotten off that one planet.

Mikhail Serran

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