Marko Foster

"I'm in this to survive. Nothing personal."


Human, Imperial

Level 3 Tracer

Occupation: Outcast (Toughness perk, Search Skill)

HP: 21

Wealth: 6

Stats (modifiers in parenthesis):
Str 12 (1)
Dex 10 (0)
Con 12 (
Int 14 (2)
Wis 15 (
Cha 7 (-2)

Skills (* class skill):
Search* 6
Jump* 6
Climb* 6
Swim* 6
Spot* 6
Profession 1
Tumble 5

Point Blank Shot
Precise Shot (bonus)

Target Species
Urban Tracking
Swift Strike


The Silent Man. The Man of Three Words. These epithets would undoubtedly be attached to Marko Foster, were he actually famous, as opposed to a lowlife bounty hunter. Not that it paid poorly or anything, but Marko had faint memories of a past life, of things far beyond the stars. Not that he remembered them very well. The earliest memory he has is of waking up in Keyan Dusat’s repair shop, apparently having broken in (though he doesn’t recall breaking in). He patched up as best as he could and waited for Dusat to arrive. He explained his situation to Dusat and offered his services as recompense for the damage he couldn’t fix.

He stayed with Dusat even after he had paid his debt, and began expanding, looking into bounty hunting jobs. He made a small profit for himself in the spaceport, but attracted the ire of local law enforcement who wanted him to butt out of their business. He started looking for a way out. He found it in the stars. Keyan needed no convincing, and the two saved up enough money to purchase a small starship in poor condition, which was good enough for them. Upon purchasing the ship and inspecting it, they realized neither of them could pilot it.

They reluctantly employed the draconic Mikhail Serran as a pilot, and Marko decided to familiarize himself with the ship’s weaponry.

Marko Foster

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