Keyan Dusat

"By Gods! Look at all the stars"



Age: 26

Level 3 Engineer

Occupation: Astronaut Tranee (Craft(mechanical), Repair)

Race: Human (Star-Eyed)

HP: 17
AP: 18

Wealth: 7

Stats (modifiers in parenthesis):
Str 14 (2)
Dex 18 (4)
Con 15 (2)
Int 18 (4)
Wis 13 (1)
Cha 11 (0)
Cha 13 (1)[Racial Bonus]

-Vajrayana (Tulku)
-Far speech (variation of common)

Racial Traits
Immune to sleep effects
+ 2 to any perception check
free feet feet-skill focus(+ 3 bonus on checks with that skill, >3 ranks+6)
low light vision
+1HP & +1Skill Point every time level into engineer

Skills (* class skill):
*Craft(mechanical) 6 [occupational] {builder feat +2}
*Repair 6 [occupational]
*computer use 6
*Knowledge (tech) 6
*Knowledge (Science) 6
*Drive 2
*Pilot 2
*craft (Structural) 4
*craft (electronic) 6 {builder feat +2}
Disguise 2
*Search 6
Climb 2
Hide 4
*Speak Language 2
*Disable Device 2

Skill focus

Improve Kit (+1)
Quick craft
Superior Repair



Keyan can usually be found in one of many places: Tinkering at his workbench, Repairing or inspecting the ships engines, Calibrating weapons, Meditating, Sleeping, Hiding (to get out of doing dishes), or just gazing out of a porthole at the stars.

Whenever the ship is not moving at faster than light speed, Keyan can regularly be found Gazing aimlessly through a porthole, or the window on the bridge at the stars, with an almost childlike innocence, unbecoming of his 26 years of age. It might come from being a follower of the path, or perhaps it’s just the way he is, hell if you ask all Keyan will do is shrug and continue his day

Working on the engines of a ship that need almost constant oversight, Keyan fashoned a hammock out of duracable, in the engine room. Strewn about the Room is the majority of his stuff, forming what looks to be a rudimentary Fibbonacci spiral, Though some say it looks more like a spiders web. Either way, its pretty weird….. I mean, who in their right mind would leave a can of possibly flamable/explosive “spray-on LCD” next to a live plasma rifle?….. let alone with the barrel pointed straight towards it…… in the middle of the floor.

Either way, the engines haven’t blown up yet, so Might as well just let Keyan do what he wants.

Keyan Dusat was born in 13973 YYZ on the planet Sendar III. A planet with lots of water, lots of geothermal activity, and just about all the land consisting of volcanic islands or mid-ocean ridges

Raised to follow “the path” Keyan recieved the usual, unusual features associated with one touched by the knowledge of the universe, Standing at 5’7" with cropped light brown hair, and an aura of mystery surrounding his offshoot’s namesake, his eyes. An opalescent sheen dominates the eyes, who’s color seems to shift whilst observed, twinkling like the stars above.

Aside from his ever present religious life, Keyan Grew up with a fascination for technology, tearing apart, constructing, or even just reading about new technologies, or how various mechanical and electrical components worked and fit together.

Developing a love for machines of all kinds, Keyan was hired at a Junk shop, under the watchful eye of his mentor he learned the intricacies of repairing various items from the galaxy, from weapons to starship components.

Time passed, eventually Keyan left the now mundane tasks assigned at his place of work, and( with the help from a friend) opened a repair busness for himself, uniElec Consolidated…….,With limited success

( I mean sure you can open a buisness all you want, but if you dont know how to market or interact with customers, its not gonna do so well)

Time passes………

Keyan, was just as excited as his Seemingly only friend Marko Foster was upon the prospect of buying a ship, and finally getting off Telos, to seek fortune in the vast wilds of the galactic market.

of course Keyan, eager as he was, did overlook one simple fact while urging Marko to “buy into” the starship with him……. neither one of them really knew how to pilot a star-ship.

So, armed with the knowledge that he at least partially owned a ship, err… most of a ship. Keyan and Marko set off to find a pilot for the U.M.S. Nova Caster.

Hearing rumors of a pilot for hire, Keyan and Marko, sought out Mikhail Serran, a Lizard Muta-Human, to be their pilot.

Hiring the Lizard thing, and surprisingly his Feline girlfriend(?) too.. the now little entourage encountered (through one of Keyans buisness friends Gl’tarni noxu) a Wall of a man Mason “Masonry” McCable……

Keyan Dusat

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