Gl'Tarni Noxu

"Do come in. I just got a new shipment of blast caps in stock. They should stop your engines from blowing up for at least a month, I guarantee it..."


Race: Grey Weaver (Arachnoformes imperator)

Homeworld: Tarsus Prime (In the Sowilo CLuster)

Birth Date: First Moon, Day 3, 13962YYZ (Age 37)

Ht: 183cm Wt: 83kg

Hair: Grey/Brown Eyes: Orange


“Hey, Keyan, is that you? You bloody fool, it is you. Get your sorry hindquarters over here with a jug of wine and we’ll have a rip roaring old time. Oh, and you brought that lizardy thing with you again, Marko was it?…”

Gl’tarni Noxu was born some time ago on a planet quite far away. He first came to the Tiwaz cluster by way of a Racarthoc freighter and has been involved in the shipping industry ever since. He tried for a while to captain his own ship, but found that task to be a little harder than he first imagined when constant mechanical failures left him indebted to parts merchants for years. After a while, he ended up paying off said debt by slightly dubious means and ended up becoming a parts dealer himself. Among his various failed business ventures was <keyan’s> through which he met Keyan Dusat. He is thus, for better or worse, an associate of the intepid band of misadventurers who may be, at times, both a benefit and a burden.

Gl'Tarni Noxu

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