• Keyan Dusat

    Keyan Dusat

    "By Gods! Look at all the stars"
  • Labinnak Cerran

    Labinnak Cerran

    'I got this.'
  • Marko Foster

    Marko Foster

    "I'm in this to survive. Nothing personal."
  • Mason McCabe

    Mason McCabe

    "By the end of the night some will live, others will die. And I'm gonna see that sun rise again. With or without you."
  • Mikhail Serran

    Mikhail Serran

    I jussst wanted to sssteal the damn sssprocket!
  •  Gl'Tarni Noxu

    Gl'Tarni Noxu

    "Do come in. I just got a new shipment of blast caps in stock. They should stop your engines from blowing up for at least a month, I guarantee it..."
  • U.M.S. Nova Caster

    U.M.S. Nova Caster

    An old hunk of junk you could barely afford. Hopefully she's spaceworthy...